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"Amazing People to work with..."

The Vail, LLC. is an amazing space and amazing people to work with. The owners and staff were very hands on and were available for all my random last minute questions. They’re really knowledgeable in the wedding biz and were able to get me in contact with the right vendors for other needs as well!

Couple saying vows at The Vail by Hotel at Old Town

"Everything I Dreamed of..."

My wedding was exactly everything I have ever dreamed about it being! This new (old) venue was exactly what we needed for our day. We held a smaller intimate ceremony outside on the patio and threw a much larger reception inside after. The neutral color scheme inside makes it compatible for most visions. Emalie and her staff were great at communication and made sure everything was just the way we wanted it. I highly recommend checking them out for your future events. 

first dance.jpg

The Vail was the perfect space for our special day. I loved how the space is black and white and we were able to bring in the decor and colors we wanted to highlight to represent us. There was so much room for dancing the night away.

"So Much Room for Dancing..."

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